Friday, March 09, 2007

When do I get to try pogos?

Finally! It is time to let Alice in on the delicious world of solid food! We have been anxiously awaiting the green light to get started (modern Quebec "baby laws" tell parents not to start before they are 6 months old) and yesterday was the big day. We started with the recommended rice cereal, and not the cranberry raisin bran...

The first taste was quite foreign to the little one, and most of it ended up on her face, BUT today's meal seemed five-star in comparison, and she devoured everything we gave her (was it in the stirring?!)

Stay tuned... vegetables begin next week!

All that food gave Alice good toe-grabbing energy.


Anonymous said...

one sock off and one sock on diddle diddle dumpling my son John love grandadxxx

Anonymous said...

Gran says Alice can have some chocolate pudding when she comes to Grandad and Grans house!!!!! kisses for all especially Alice xxxxxx