Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's official!

High-ranking officials for Team Aluguy held an emergency meeting this afternoon to discuss the state of affairs. The outcome of the meeting was that March 10th was officially declared International Unassisted Sitting Day for all junior members of the team (i.e. Alice)

While she's been siting for quite some time now, we realized that our little superstar can sit up without falling or needing support for quite a while. And she will even put out her hand for balance when needed. Of course the requisite safety net (legs or pillow) are still in use, but mainly as a precaution.

We are so, so proud!

Here are some snaps for proof.

No, we didn't let her eat the entire Kit Kat.

(she shared some with us...)

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Anonymous said...

I couldnt see the gold medal for unassisted sitting. Grandadxxx