Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grand-maman et goodies...

Alice's Grandmaman Lyse is visiting from Manitoba. The wonderful thing about grandmothers is that they arrive with so many wonderful things - games, gifts, and of course lots of great, big hugs!
Something about this nice lady reminds me of Christmas....

"This is how I used to bathe your daddy many years ago Alice"

An excellent way to befriend our new little pear-eating princess
Paper, my favorite! How did you know?!
What a lovely dress knitted by Alice's great-aunt Paule.
Alice has just two questions: Where is pépère, and When is he coming to visit?!?! (this spring, right?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! When I visited Paule the pretty green dress looked so small! I thought that it would just cover your wee bum. But come your birthday it may fit just right. I miss you little one as well as your maman and papa. you share your stuffed toys?
Much love