Sunday, September 02, 2012

Shakespeare who?

The whole Potter - Trudel - Desharnais clan drove to Stratford in August to celebrate a multitude of things - Gareth and Sarah's engagement (woo-hoo), Gareth's birthday, the imminent end of summer and start of school, the string of every-so-handy OnRoutes along the 417... 

While the drive was long, long, long (exact length: 3 movies, 1 meal, 2 pee breaks, 2 gas fill-ups) we arrived to Gareth dancing in the street and were set up at a sweet spot only steps away from Justin Bieber's prime busking location. Okay, so he wasn't there are the time, but we saw his star of fame!

While we didn't make it to Gareth's show, we enjoyed the ducks, chocolate and toy shops, and playing hide and seek in Gareth backyard. The girls both enjoyed palling around with their smaller, but equally entertaining cousins, Olivia sparkle shoes and Emma smiley-pants.

Alice and Estelle did manage to sneak in one show with mum, dad and Unky G. We saw a lively and adorable Charlie Brown. The next day Alice got a big girl's backstage tour and was even allowed to board the bus used in the play. Awesome perk!

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Anonymous said...

Only 1 meal and 2 pee breaks? That is tough travelling!

Love Paul & Lynn
(in Vancouver after a lot more than 1 meal and 2 pee breaks)