Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Matters

Although we focused on the kid-centric party this year, we couldn't really pass up the opportunity to have cousins, grandparents, auntie and great-auntie over for a mini celebration. Alice received some lovely gifts, and best of all, Grand made pâté chinois for dinner.

That's a big box behind her, but Alice managed to open the card first

Emma: what is this thing they call a "birthday" and will I ever get one?

Always a princess
(but now she also wants to be a "vedette")
Much calmer gang than those 6 year-olds

Emma's part of the eating crowd!

Lovely papillon

I won't forget my wish on this cake.

Is someone gonna put that cake on my plate?

The girls admiring the lovely fairy in the jewelry box.
Estelle was so good about Alice's big day - no jealousy or whining.
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Anonymous said...

Another birthday party - another spectacular cake.
You can tell Alice she already is a "vedette" to all the people that read this blog.
Hugs to all.
Love Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Wish I was there. Luv u all. Mémé