Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Alice

Alice is six years old! One of the youngest and smallest in her class, and still no lost teeth (much to her chagrin), but she really is growing up.

Lucky girl had her actual birthday on the same day as her party this year. Also, we opted for our very first kid-friend party, which was a little more overwhelming than planned, but oh so fun. We had 10 kids, played pass the parcel, ate kid fare, cake and watched Hercules. Good, clean fun.

A Barbie from my sister

You promise I'll get this many presents for my birthday?

Waiting for the guests

Silly faces.
Lavergnes - pouvez-vous trouver votre clown?


Sideways cat cake


An old friend, Gregory, from daycare at Silvana's.
Little sister Magalie butting in!

Oh no! Someone gave Alice makeup. I guess they didn't know about our rules...
Looks like Gregory knows this makeup business means something is up with girls.

Merci, merci Léa. On adore ce jeu!

Movie time.
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Francine said...

J'ai trouvé mon clown! Bienvenue dans le club des fêtes d'amies!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of cousin gatherings at ma tante Rose-Alma's. These were the best times ever. Luv.Mémé

Anonymous said...

Je suis contente que tu as eu une si belle fête avec tes amis!