Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's in the details

It seems there might be some artistic blood in this family of scientists!

Estelle has always has exceptional fine motor skills and her burgeoning art portfolio is really impressive. All of the drawings you see below were jotted down in the past few days, and there are many others. She picks up any old piece of paper and draws creative, symmetric, precise and purposeful pieces any time of day. 

While I don't recall the subject for each drawing, those that I recall specifically are annotated.

A candle

Daddy peeing 

A dress

A man

A sword


Anonymous said...

What wonderful art work. We are so very proud of you Estelle. Gran and Granddad

Anonymous said...

What excellent work. I like the fine detail and choice of colour. I hope you are keeping these originals for when Estelle has a retrospective of the "early years".
Estelle should be very proud of her achievements, as you obviously are!

Love Paul

Anonymous said...

I see design in her future... lucy your dream come true-personal access to the world of high fashion! She really is quite talented!

Anonymous said...

Pour commencer, René a dit que c'est ''unbeleivable'' et je suis totallement en accord avec lui. J'ai regardé les peintures de plus près maintenant et c'est formidable. Watch out mon oncle Sol!Mémé

Anonymous said...

Dave et moi, on est vraiment impressionés! Wow Wow!