Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miami II

Meme and Pepe made it to Miami!

Father and Son

Alice playing in the sand - watch out for the Portuguese man o' war.
Actually, we found out that people were advised against swimming at Miami Beach, due to the large number of Portuguese man o' war that had washed up with the strong winds. After about 20 minutes at the beach, Alice complained of sore fingers and a sore leg. It was indeed a little red and swollen, but we figured she must have been stung by a mosquito at our hotel. Later that night, after a dose of Benadryl, we researched the man o' war, and found it to look exactly like the "blue bubble" she had picked up on the beach. So our beachcomber was actually stung by a marine invertebrate!

Lucky girls getting a ride

Two small girls and one big tree
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Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at the father & son pose!