Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia is one today! We enjoyed a marvelous party at her house this weekend as she shared food, cake, balloons, and even her fluffy Caillou chair with Alice and Estelle.

What a gentle, observant little girl she is getting to be. And we were impressed with the few steps she's able to take. But we're not totally convinced that she doesn't run around playing with Ben's poker chips and Katherine lip gloss when nobody is looking.

Bewildered when being serenaded with Happy Birthday

Opening gifts with her cousine, Rosemarie

Estelle caught a lot of flack for her headband and legwarmers.
But you gotta admit, the kid's got style.
Lady Gaga style!

Amazing restraint for a 4 year-old during present opening time.
The cuddles from Grandad don't hurt.

You'll get to know Dora really well soon, Ben


Olivia: "I keep hearing about this chicken salad... when do I get to try some?"
Estelle: "I've got my eye on you little one"

The magic finger knows all

Milk break

His royal Iggerness presided.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting our lovely birthday. Glad you could be there and share our day. Next year it'll be a girlie party (do their hair, nailpolish, videos, talking about boys... HAHAHA!) Olivia sends bisous to her big cousins.

Anonymous said...

J'aime beaucoup Estelle qui protège sa nourriture. Dans ces cas une petite fille est plus dangereuse qu'on lion Estelle!
Merci pour les photos et l'écriture. Deux dodos. Mémé