Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carnival II

A major part of a cruise vacation is no doubt the food.
Whatever you feel like eating, they've got it.
Whenever you're hungry (or not), you can eat.
Where ever you want to dine, food will come to you.

Guy and the first of many desserts - the warm melting chocolate cake

By supper time, Estelle was usually pretty tuckered out. She would eat a few pieces of melon, and fuss about till it was over. On this particular night, she fell asleep in Lucy's arms and woke only near the end of the meal for a few bites.

Two happy ice cream eaters

Alice looking lovely on formal night.

Estelle still dressed up for the occasion, but would rather be in bed.
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Anonymous said...

Dear all,You all look POSH ,even Estelle fast asleep!!! Love G@G XXXXX