Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sleepover party!

Mum and dad went out for dinner and a movie on Saturday, so our lucky Alice got to have her first ever sleepover at Gran and Grandad's.

The three friends had a marvelous time - spaghetti for supper, lots of toys to play with, and Jake to state at!

But, boy were Lucy and Guy happy to pick up Alice (EARLY) on Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

Alice, J'espère que tes parents ont pu quand même relaxer assez pour s'amuser samedi soir! Je sais que toi tu t'es bien amuser avec Gran et Grandad. Mémé.

Anonymous said...

Of course we were thrilled and honoured to have Alice sleep over.Alice had barely finished breakfast when mum and dad arrived. Thay said the house felt empty without their little muffin gran and grandad