Tuesday, February 26, 2008


75 cents a minute for internet!

Just so we dont seem like irresponsible family members (e.g. going to Kenya during civil war and not calling). We just wanted to check in and say that we are having a great time on the ship and on the beaches.

Today we are at sea, crusing, eating and sunning.

Goals for the day:

Alice - recover from lingering cold, sneak into 2+ kids activities

Guy - win at movie trivia game, sneak away from Lucy and Alice for time in the casino

Lucy - keep Guy away from the Hairy Chest Competition, sneak away to buy gold chains by the inches.

Love you all. Photos to come when we are back home, the internet is cheaper, and we can get comfortable in our elastic waist pants.


Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are having a great time! Cant wait to hear about it. Unky G

Pascale D. said...

bonnes vacances et profites-en il neige ici!!!!
relaxez en famille, et on attend vos photos avec impatience mais à votre retour!!!
Pascale Eric Simonne et ???

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I guess we'll never live down this irresponsible family thing! Faites un beau voyage. Amour, Mémé

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I'll miss you at PDAC guys!