Sunday, February 17, 2008

Merci Minimod

This weekend Alice went for a drive... in the hairdresser's chair!

Our little miss enjoyed her first haircut! While the first 5 minutes were a bit uneasy, Alice then got comfortable and even honked the horn on her little car. Which was a whole lot better than some of the other little customers who shed some tears.


Anonymous said...

What a big girl you are now. Getting your hair styled. Wow. But I sure will miss those pigtails. Not to worry Alice, your hair will grow back.
Much love

Anonymous said...

Il semble que tu as franchi plusieurs "premières" cette semaine. Ta nouvelle coupe de cheveux te va super bien. Beaucoup d'amour. Mémé

Anonymous said...

La deuxième photo est TELLEMENT Guy! Tu es bien courageuse - ta première coupe de cheveux! Moi, j'avais Sol qui me coupait le toupette!