Saturday, February 02, 2008

... and more snow!

Yesterday we had yet another big dumping of snow. So this morning we got up early to shovel and go for a ride in the sled (actually, we didn't all fit in the sled) Only moments after we finished digging out the driveway, the plow went by and drove a huge snowbank in front of the entrance... grrrr... Oh well, at least we didn't need to go to aerobics class later in the day!

Alice kept warm all day in the lovely, and oh-se-practical sweater knitted for her personally by Lynn Binney. This sweater is ingenious - it zips up the back to nothing bulky needs to go over a frustrated toddler's head. Still a little big, but thanks so much Lynn and Paul!


Anonymous said...

I think going on a cruise will make up for all the snow Alice has cleared !!!How many sleeps left. Lots of love Gran and Grandad XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Une grande fille qui se promène dehors dans la neige! Je t'aime. Mémé

Anonymous said...

Boy, that Global Warming, Canada style, looks pretty cold to me.