Sunday, July 20, 2014

More family!

Our last stop was back at Aunty Jean and Uncle Brian's, where we went swimming at the Hathersage pool, played games at the house (Twister?!?), and met with lots more family at Lyme Park

We spotted this old Land Rover that Grandad might have stolen away in.

Getting schooled by Alice at a game of mini family.

Alice lost her front tooth shortly before leaving.
The tooth was packaged safely and returned to Canada to avoid having to change English pounds from the Tooth Fairy.

Chatsworth field shortly before dusk.

Outdoor exercise equipment at the Buxton park.
For over twelve years old...

Cupcakes procured by Sarah for the Potter family reunion.

The next generation.

Lucy and Richard.
You can see where I get my height from...

The, ahem, also young generation of Potters .

Out for tea.

We wont forget to bring our teddies home.

Saying goodbye to AJ and UB, for now.

Who knew they had a tickle trunk of fabulous costumes!

Free upgrade to business class on the way home?!?
We'll take it!

Fancy-smanshy meal with white linens.


Anonymous said...

YES!! I would have had that Land Rover. What a beauty. Grandad

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip you must have had. And oh so well taken care of...even spoiled? :)