Thursday, July 03, 2014


I apologize in advance for those of you who come here for a cute pics of the girls...

Two hump camels. I was starting to think they were a myth. 

Another beautiful day here.

My other band members. 

I guess ALL CAPS TIMES NEW ROMAN is sarcastic in Mongolian...

MASSIVE quartz vein.

Thank god Mongolia has not sent men to space, or else they would not be able to shake hands upon coming back to earth. (no gloves on those space suits)

Typical town.

A Buddhist monastery across from one of our hotels.

Patterns, the more the better. This place was renovated in 2013.

We had a meal at a Chinese restaurant and were just drunk enough to try the sheep gut and bull penis.

A town dating from the Russian era.

Inside of actual yurt (pronounced "gert"). They had 4 kids and 2 single beds. No one could explain how the sleeping arrangements were organized.

A typical yurt has a solar panel and satellite dish. 


brian said...

Now I get it, Guy is just acclimatising to life in the UK. We have come on a bit since the Romans left Guy!!.
See you next week


Anonymous said...

Merci Guy. C'est intéressant et très différent. Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. The scenery has many similarities to your previous life in Raglan (barren).
Don't know that I ever would be drunk enough to try sheep gut or bull penis.

Anonymous said...

Allo Guy. Wow! Glad to know that you get to see some interesting things to share with us. Am I green? You bet!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Cuisine leaves a lot to be desired!! Décor landscape buildings all very different. Thanks Guy for letting us share someplace different G& G XX