Saturday, July 19, 2014

2014 UK Vacation

Our summer vacation and wordly travels took us to sunny (yes, sunny!) England and Wales for two weeks. We were lucky enough to be able to stay with relatives in Derbyshire, Colwyn Bay and Cardiff, and even ventured off on our own for a night at a farm stay in Shropshire.

Sit back and enjoy the finely curated snaps from our UK adventures...

After a long red-eye from Toronto to Manchester, Guy hopped behind the wheel of our rental car at the airport. Then we switched seats upon realizing he needed to be on the right side of the car. Next we sorted out which way I would signal him (hand signals and "follow that lorry past the curry shop" seemed to work better than left and right) - and we're off!

Made it to AJ+UB's in Baslow and crashed for a few hours before exploring the house with Alice and Estelle. Their challenge was to pick out their favorite objects in the house, which is filled with interesting knickknacks. Some of the adored objects were the pink glass (Estelle), the tester bed (Alice), and the monkey spoon (Guy).

Next morning we went to Chatsworth House, where we enjoyed the Adventure Playground, farm animals, gardens, house, lunch and ice cream!

Estelle at the guinea pig petting area. Hers was called Marmite.

Alice being so gentle with her guinea pig.
"Please Mummy and Daddy, can I have one?)

Lucy making sure they don't try to steal any animals

Brave Alice in the playground.

Girl in motion.

Daddy truly enjoying his vacation.

A great horse statue in the Chatsworth restaurant courtyard which used to be the stables.

Did I mention that we ate a lot of ice cream in Britain?

Frolicking in the water steps.

We've nearly made it to the house!

Admiring the paintings on the ceiling of the foyer.
(Everything was looking quite pristine as the Queen was set to visit 2 days after we did)

Nice room with a creepy statue of a man holding his own skin...

Oh, and a sculpture of some babies...

A Potter favorite - the veiled lady sculpture.

Looking down the steps towards the house.
Most were not so keen on the modern wire sculptures around the gardens (like this red wheelbarrow); these seemed to be coming down for the Queen's visit.

More climbing.

Guy helping Estelle on her first time across the zip-line.

In front of our new summer home...

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Anonymous said...

Wowie wow wow! Yay, quel beau voyage et superbes photos. Lucy, tu es splendide dans toutes les photos! Contente que vous avez pu reconnecter avec la famille.