Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year was a little tame because Estelle was feeling a little under the weather. Dad had worked on a multimedia presentation that produced quite a reaction from the kiddies and adults alike. Click on the link below to see the final product. If you get tired of watching skip to near the end; there are a few cool effects.

I explained some of the steps I took to prepare the show in my "Patenteur" blog (see the sidebar for the link). But for the movie portion I merely filmed the scene with a camera at the same position as the projector the previous weekend, and carefully lined up the projected video with features on front door for the playback.


La famille Lavergne said...

Very cool, bonne idée Guy


Anonymous said...

Alice & Estelle you have the coolest Dad, I expect next year you will be on the list of ... must go and see!....Well done all. Love G&G XXXXXXXX( Save candy for next years trick or treaters !!!)

Anonymous said...

This is very good and silly. Vous êtes chanceuse les filles.

Simonne et Agathe said... est-ce que tu as encore une job de jour??? xxx ;-)