Friday, November 16, 2012

Cake and Costumes

Our baby Estelle is four years old today! Seems like such a short time ago she joined our happy family, and now she's growing up into a thoughtful, creative, independent and sensitive little soul. As you've surely noticed, even her drawings have character oozing out of them.

Happy Birthday to our little wild turkey! 

 Dunno what's in there, but it's a big box!
 A lovely card drawn and handwritten from my big sister
 Costumes from Lyse & René

Not jealous, just waiting for cake...


Anonymous said...

It looks like a wonderful birthday for a young lady that is growing up very fast.
Once again we see that Mom has made some amazing cakes to celebrate the occasion.

All our love,
Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ces photos. Elles me manquent beaucoup et bien certain Lucy et Guy. À bientôt et gros bisous. Mémé

Simonne et Agathe said...

oh! ça me "scrounch" le coeur de voir ces belles photos de famille et tout et tout. Et bien sûre on salive à la vue des gâteaux!!! Vous nous manque...allez quand venez-vous nous voir ???
gros gros becs et bonne fête encore Estelle!!