Sunday, November 18, 2012

Estelle's Sunday Shindig

Back to the classic family party for Estelle. So nice for us to have a chance to chat with friends instead of being overrun with kids, kids and more kids.
What's more important however, was that Estelle thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was happy to play with the kids, share her toys (and cake) and even hug and thank everyone for her lovely gifts.

Cookie decorating


Olivia likes icing!

Lick, Lick.

Tailgate birthday party!


Girls in costumes.

Ta-dah again (the amount of work that went into this merits 2 photos...)

Sit back and enjoy your moment, Estelle

Emma eats cake!!!!

Pressies, pressies are coming...
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Anonymous said...

We had a lovely time. Thanks for playing dress up with me Estelle and for giving me my first taste of cake.
Love Olivia and Emma

Anonymous said...

Ah, les biscuits me font penser aux pinata cookies: