Friday, August 03, 2012

Status Change

Last week we traveled to lovely Nasonworth, NB for a charming country wedding. And what an "unusually" magnificent event it was!

Matante Janette and Uncle Dave, who've been together for yonks (that about 9 1/2 years) were married in a   meaningful ceremony, surrounded by loved ones. 

The mood was magical and the  homespun vows, ring warming ceremony and thoughtful readings brought out tears in even the toughest of the small crowd.

Precious Alice and Estelle had practiced a poem for about 3 weeks leading up to the wedding, and recited it beautifully, without the shyness and squirming that we hoped wouldn't happen.

Teddy Bear

Getting married means you'll have someone's hand to hold,
Even when you're feeling sick, even when you're old.

It means when you sit down to eat,Someone will be there,
So you won't have to tell your day to an empty chair.

It means that when you need some help,Someone will help out,
Someone always near to you, so you won't have to shout.

But best of all is when it's time to turn out all the lights:
You won't have to be alone, those long and scary nights.

So even though you don't have toys,you don't have to care:
Once you're married you can be each other's teddy bear!


Incredible cupcakes made entirely by the bride. My fave was the lemon with strawberry icing.
You won't see all the incredible details in these photos, but Janette and Dave really went all out with the tissue paper, games, photos, cookies, ribbons, syrup, centerpieces, and countless other details.

A toast!

Who's not guarding their champagne glass? Gotta make a switch for this juice...

Wed and Relaxed

Alice and a faithful blog fan - Matante Huguette

Brothers, gotta love 'em!

Familia Desharnais


The first ones to tear up the croquet field

Alice and her fascinator 

Double for Estelle 

Well the old folks aren't dancing, so Alice and Guy burn it up. 
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Anonymous said...

LOL, merci!

Anonymous said...

Merci, merci pour toutes les photos. Sillyse

Anonymous said...

Allo la belle famille! il y a longtemp que j'avais pas access a votre blog. I have spent a few wonderfull hours getting caught up.