Friday, August 03, 2012

Campobello Island, New Brunswick

After the wedding, we convoyed over to St-Andrews and then took two ferries over to Campobello Island near the border between NB and Maine. René, Lyse, Sol and Janette stayed in a charming log cabin by the water, and we camped at the Herring Cover Provincial Park. What a lovely place to relax, discover and have fun.

We did a lot of driving on this trip, and movies weren't the only way to pass the time.

Boarding the first ferry

Fog on the moors

Our sinking ferry arrives

How come we're the only ones on this thing?

High-end campsite module


Daddy sports the lighthouse

View towards Lubec, Maine

Watching the harbour seals

Amazing beaches and views, just a little too chilly.
Not sure the girls would have swam in the water even if it was a bathtub though, since they kept asking us if there were sharks, crocodiles and piranhas.

How did this tree get here, Daddy?

Laundry and coloring

East Quoddy Head Lighthouse, accessible only at low tide

About to climb down the treacherous stairs

Where's Estelle?
Oh yes, down by my leg!

These were steeper and more rickety than they appear

Freshwater pump

Gift from Sol.
Possibly the best ever.
Fancy food not required for this gang

Proud of our fairy houses
(and shower caps, because you never know)

FDR's summer cottage.

Wallpaper everywhere.
A little overwhelming, but it works.

A few too many irons in the fire?

What is this called? Must get one in my garden!

They come in yellow too?!?

More wallpaper at the neighbors' and a big, big window

A botany lesson from Janette

Dangerous pitcher plant!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures of all of our favourite locations. For such a small island, Campobello is a fun place to explore for the whole family.
So glad you enjoyed one of our favourite places.
Love Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Shower caps a coles note omission!!! Love all these lovely photos. thankyou xxx G@G xxxx

Anonymous said...

Fun fun fun!