Friday, August 03, 2012

Bangor, Maine, United States of Target

On the way to New Brunswick, we stopped in Bangor for a couple of nights camping. Amazingly, this was our first camping trip of the season, so we were eager to get out there to eat marshmallows, get bitten by mosquitoes, and shower semi-clean shower blocks (have you tried showering 3 people in a tiny, sandy, buggy stall without touching the moldy shower curtain wafting onto you) Does it seem like we are complaining? Well, that's part of the hilarious fun in camping.

We found a nest
Alice starts a collection of egg shells (not a hardy travelling collection)
Sweet and sticky
They've got Timmies in the States?!? We're moving here!
Train photo for Paul...
A real moving train that's painted with graffiti instead of Thomas the Train's face

Close up and in awe
At a safe distance 
Best meal of the holiday - burgers, burritos and fish tacos!
Estelle noticed the squirty ketchup bottle and was very curious about it - "Some ketchup has a flap and some ketchup has a snout!)
Dancin' the night away

Classic coffee cosy hat.
Our special campers walking their bikes the 20m back to our site
Put a fork in it
She's actually quite good at this


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you to get the posting fixed so I can see the train pictures. So wonderful you were thinking of me, as we think of you and your family often.
Love Paul

Anonymous said...

Really nice pictures! If we ever went train watching with the girls I suspect that Alice and I would be up close, and Lynn would be standing back with Estelle at a "safe distance".
The children are really cute in the camping pictures - it's like you bring your own entertainment with you.
Have a great weekend together.