Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ottawa weekend

The whole family went to Ottawa for the weekend as Lucy had a short course at U of O. So while mommy was getting smarter the rest of us were getting culturer.
Here are some pics from the Museum of Civilization:

This photo was taken moments before Estelle took a big fall and was pretty shaken up and had a bruised ear.

This was taken in the grand hall that has an amazing collection of Haida Totem poles. It sure is hard to impress a 2 year old.

This is a famous statue that appears in black at the canadian embassy in Washington.

I was trying to convey the importance of the "castle" in the distance being where the Prime Minister "worked". But Estelle was more interested in the vent she was standing on.

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Luguy said...

I miss you three already. I am trying to be a good student and learn lots of new things. See you on Tuesday!
xxx Mummy

Anonymous said...

You can always count on a child to point out what is important, even in a museum. Has Lucy met Madeline at the course yet? We told Madeline that Lucy was there.

All the best at being Mr Mom for a few days.

Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

LOL, what an adventure. Looks like you're doing some great sight-seeing... Guy anyhow! That huge Snakes & Ladders board looks fun!