Friday, February 25, 2011

A little brekkie?

During our stay in Ottawa this past weekend, the cold weather had us lay low - mostly eating, playing and swimming at the hotel. On our first morning, we were pleased to find out kids under 5 could eat at the breakfast buffet for free, so we all helped ourselves to eggs, sausages, bagels, etc. When Guy and the girls returned from the museum just before noon, the buffet was still on... and of course still free for the girls. So they sat down for another round of all you can eat breakfast yummies. When I returned to join the group for supper, we decided to stay in and eat at the same hotel restaurant... As soon as we entered the dining room, Estelle moaned with displeasure "No more breakfast"!

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Anonymous said...

That breakfast story is priceless. Yes, two year olds sure know how to stand up for themselves. Estelle will have her pick of foods in a week. Bisous. Mémé

Anonymous said...

Funny how they love breakfast food so much seeing as their daddy calls it second-rate food!
Have fun on the cruise!