Sunday, February 13, 2011

Famous Desharnais

The clan has reason to celebrate! One of ours has made to the big times. David Desharnais (distant distant relation because he grew up near where our ancestors moved out west from) is playing for the local major hockey team. He was undrafted due to his small stature and lack of explosive speed, and basically worked his way into the team with heart and hockey smarts. So dont be surprised to have more and more anglophones pronounce our names acceptably (hint: does not rhyme with mayonaise). Copy the link below to see a video of him scoring a goal and the announcers repeatedly not flubbing his name.


Anonymous said...

Pas pire pas pire... Maintenant on attend qu'ils le prononce en français. Nous pouvons rêver. Merci beaucoup pour ceci Guy. Mémé

Anonymous said...

I had just finished being interviewed by a reporter and he asked me for my name and spelling. I don't even say it before spelling it in English anymore because that invariably leads to "it doesn't look like it sounds" comment. When I finished spelling it he said, "Well, you should've just told me Desharnais like the hockey player." Nice!

Anonymous said...

I bet if you asked Alice and Estelle who the most famous Desharnais was they might say "their Dad".

All the best,