Saturday, April 10, 2010

The other milestone...

Not crawling, walking, learning the alphabet, or potty-training, I'm talking about the one they don't mention in any of the baby books.

Eating KETCHUP for the first time!

Estelle finally savored her first, and most definitely not her last, nickel-sized spooge of that red, liquid gold. Every parent's best friend and worst enemy!

Alice and I were so proud. But now we have to share...

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Anonymous said...

hopefully she doesnt take on the Potter tradition (gareth) of puting ketchup on his frech toast!

see you soon,


Anonymous said...

Ketchup on french toast is delicious, it's just that not everyone is brave enough to do it in public! Estelle I will always have lots of ketchup to share with you because it's my favorite FOOD!
Auntie Katherine