Friday, April 02, 2010

Fun in the Tropics!

Much of Quebec has been hit with a very unusual early Spring heat wave. Today's temperatures reached about 24 degrees, and more hot weather is expected tomorrow. Below you will get an idea of the evolution of Alice and Estelle's attire today - coats, hats and tights for the early morning, giving way to skirts and sandals with sunhats by the afternoon.

Raglan? you ask... I think it's a balmy -5 degrees.

(p.s. Happy Birthday to Auntie K today! We hope little Olivia gave you a big kiss!)
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Anonymous said...

Merci pour les photos. Nous avons eu jusqu'à 19 cette semaine mais ce matin une fine couche de neige couvre le sol. Le Canada!Mémé

Anonymous said...

nice smile. see you next week.