Friday, April 23, 2010

NY day 2

We took a tour of NBC studios this morning (30Rock).

It was a spectacular view from the 68th floor. Central Park in the background.

Some classic Art Deco statues and ornaments are prominent in this area. Gotham style.

This is the new Apple flagship store near central park. We peeked in and saw hundreds of people in the pit of consumer frenzy.

Central park is HUGE (4 km long) and presents a nice contrast to the bustle of Manhattan.

We also visited the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and took in some classics, some works of design as well as some highly provocative performance art (there was a spot where you had to walk between 2 naked models with barely enough space to squeeze through).
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Anonymous said...

Va va voom, C'est impressionant. Bravo pour vous deux.

Anonymous said...

Cool - vous avez l'air à avoir beaucoup de fun!

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