Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yard sale day!

This morning we went to our neighbourhood yard sale. What an event! There were people lined up for over an hour waiting to get in and pounce on the bargains...

We arrived early and stood in line with the other keeners...

Alice was so patient!

One of the special treats we picked up, Alice's first hard-soled shoes. What a steal at $2

(she can't figure out why the toy doesn't rattle or squeak)

What a silly puppet. And so unseasonal!

But who were we to refuse a bonus free gift for buying a bag of clothes!

This thing is awesome. Makes for a great slapping substrate!

We can take this nifty seat to uncle Gareth's next weekend - Port-A-Picnic!

I get it, this is where we snack!

Phew. What a tiring day.

Alice had just enough energy left to jig vigorously in her exersaucer for 20 minutes...

Yay! The best part of the day was when daddy came home.

But it wasn't long before he was back at work again.

We also picked up hoardes of nice clothes for Alice, but they are all in the wash so you will get to see them gradually, as modelled by you-know-who.

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