Monday, May 07, 2007

Power Tool Party!

What a busy weekend we've had! Alice's pepere Rene, her matante Janette, and good pal Adam were over to help daddy rebuild the new, much improved deck. We had beautiful weather and lots of strong arms to help with the big job, thank-you very much!

Janette - master spindle trimmer!

Pepere took some time out to feed Alice
(the peaches were good, the chicken... not so much)

Alice and mummy stayed inside most of the time -

making yummy meals for the crew

Adam was put in charge of a very important task - finding CBC on the radio!

(yes - he had other jobs as well...)

Getting close to the back door means big progress

Here is the happy family (Lyse, Sol, Philou: we missed you!)

The deck is looking pretty good, daddy just has a little more work to finish it off on his own...


Anonymous said...

wish I could have been with you Rene isnt your granddaughter beautiful.David

Anonymous said...

Well done everyone.The new deck is definately a family affair!!!! Hope to see you soon Alice. Love gran xxx