Monday, February 05, 2007

Jumping the gun?

While we were out shopping yesterday, Lucy was browsing the aisles looking at the myriad of baby stuff available. There she stumbled upon a nifty little thing called a sippy cup! This is a spill-proof cup/bottle for little D.I.T. (drinkers in training!) Although Alice won't be using one of these until she starts eating food in a month or so, Lucy thought it would be fun to have her try it out as a toy. Although it doesn't crinkle, squeak or rattle (pre-requisites for baby toys), Alice seems to think it's okay! We'll report back when there is actual liquid in the cup...

Since we were already getting ahead of ourselves... we decided to pick up a box of #3 diapers! Alice still fits quite nicely in #2s, but these are less expensive since they are sold in larger quantities... We will be giving these a try this week, and will let you know if the liquid stays in!

Watch out Lea... I'm catching up!

(Guy - sorry her pants are hiked up so high... if I had known I was posting this one I would have adjusted them! xxx)

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Tuck that navel in...

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