Friday, February 09, 2007

First week in DR.

It has been quite nice first week here in the Dominican Republic. I have learnt many new lessons: f) Electricity is a luxury in some places, g) in a pinch you can put 6 people on a moped AND weave through traffic, h) Fresh coconut from the highway is a great way to liven your spirits after a hot day in the core shack.
Martin the geologist has been kind enough to invite me to the playa (possibly puerta plata) tommorow and maybe do a little touristing. Franklin (in the foreground) is also quite excited his big weekend off (the carnaval runs all month...).

The Dominicans produce a significant amount of rice. This is part of the reason they give you 1 kilogram per serving (loco).

This is Luis, he is one of our surveyors and doesn't speak english at all. We play charades ALOT. He tends to throw me a curveball once in a while; like fear of parachuting (totally out of context). Note the mountains in the background.

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Anonymous said...

Fear of parachuting? How did this topic come up? Did you do your parachuting Guesstures move for him? Glad to hear you're safe and having fun.