Saturday, February 03, 2007

Guy estoy Dominicana!!

I am spending three weeks in the Dominican Republic exploring around the Falcondo Nickel Laterite Mine. It is a 5o degree celcius temperature swing from what I am used to this time of year but its a nice change (+35 and huimid today). I already miss my family mucho.
This is the house where I am staying in Boneo in central Dominican Republic. It is quite comfortable and well located. It is in the Urbanisation Falconbridge (otherwise known as Barillo Gringo). There are several things here that I need to get used to so far these include: A) Roosters cawing at 4AM, B) men with guns walking around (with or without a uniform; guarding something or other), C) people riding mopeds darting in and out of traffic, D) Traffic lights are functional some of the time, E) when traffic lights happen to be functioning these are totally optional (especially to the people riding mopeds).

This is my friend Martin (pronounced Marteen here) standing by the company truck on a revegetated waste pile that doubles as a lookout. This is a very beautiful country and I am impressed by how well the people at the mine have been able to keep it that way.


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Anonymous said...

Monday night and I was lucky to have team Alu here and uncle Gareth. Guy we are working hard, but with pleasure, to make sure that your special family are safe and sound until you return. Lucy brought some lovely new photos here so they will be on the wall when you return. Alice gets more beautiful each day. Grandad