Friday, January 19, 2007

What else does one do...

... in the waiting room?

Alice's four-month check-up was on Thursday. Once again, she was off the charts for weight and height (and cuteness)! A question to our relatives: are there any 8-foot women in the family trees that we don't know about?

But seriously... Alice is wonderfully healthy, weighing 15 pounds on the nose, and measuring 66.5 cm long (two thirds of a meter gasps daddy!) We are pretty sure that both Alice and the doctor will recover from the appointment without any lasting trauma (yes, she cried this time)

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Anonymous said...

I silently wished you a happy birthday Alice. How wonderful it will be when you are four years old and as tall as me! Your great great aunt Eva was a tall woman as were 2 of her daughters. And your great grandfather Levis was the tallest in his family. Does this help a bit? lol I believe that in mom and baby exercise classes that baby is used as barbells, poor mom! But what a workout you'll get Lucy.
Much love