Monday, January 29, 2007

Walkin' in a winter wonderland

On Saturday morning the three of us went out for a wintery stroll in the sun. Of course this was Alice's first ride in the toboggan, so we dressed her up warmly (a little too warmly, thought Guy) It was a lovely walk, but poor Alice fell asleep the moment we stepped out of the door! She just loves to make good use of her time and nap while she's in transit!

We hope you are all keeping warm too!

More blankets mom?

Just a few more layers to be added...
What a strong dad! He carried her across the snowless bits.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Alice, you are looking ready to come and help me shovel today. I don't believe that the cold will be a problem for you. Hi mom and dad. With each picture I get to see more of your home. I like the bits that I have seen.
Much love to all