Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miss me?

Christmas was awesome, New Year's was a blast... And through it all, Alice remained her cute self. Here are some pics to prove it!

When life gives you lemons... make lemon curd!

Alice enjoying her new playmat on Christmas morning

Opening gifts with daddy

Getting ready for church on Christmas eve

After the children's service at the church where mummy & daddy got married

Mother and daughter

My dad told me that his homeland was flat... but I never expected this!

Check out my legs!

(new Christmas duds and socks)

Alice's uncles bought her this great hammock in France.

Great for lounging around in the summer sun!

A pretty new party frock from Gran

More french treats... A stylish outfit from Georges and Jacotte!

Many thanks to everyone for all of Alice's wonderful Christmas gifts. We can't find enough time in the day to play with everything!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful family .Thanks for all the photos keep them coming.Iwill check them out when in Wales. Love Mum xxxxx