Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pick a school, any school

Last Saturday open houses were held at all the high schools in Laval. Apparently, a large proportion of the Laval population switches from public to private school for high school, but with it come the obvious fees and option selections. So we visited two private and one public school to get a feel for it.

Standouts for the day:
Robotics club at College Laval (mostly exciting for Guy though)
Secondary 1 and 2 only at L'Odyssée (comforting for Lucy)
"A building you don't get lost in" - Estelle
"A school where my friends are going" - Alice

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nfldrail said...

Guy looks like the most enthusiastic participant. He does understand that he cannot go back to high school for the robotics program?

The programs look amazing with art, swimming etc... A long way from sitting in a classroom with an ancient teacher making you read 10 pages of a history textbook every day. You would think she could have explained ancient Rome from a personal point of view, she was most likely there.

Lots of exciting times to look forward to, for the whole family.

Love the pictures and posts.