Thursday, September 22, 2016

Double Digits Yo.

Alice has hit the ten year milestone!!! What an incredible bright and generous being she has become in such a short time. Her maturity level often surpasses that of many adults (my own included). And yet, that childlike magic remains. Only yesterday she proudly brought us outside to inspect the leaf and ash burritos she made in the back yard. While earlier in the day she was primping in front of the mirror with lipgloss and hair trinkets.

The big birthday news however, was that 10 was the somewhat arbitrary threshold we had established for the girls to be allowed to get their ears pierced. So, accompanied by Aunty Katherine and the cousins, we excitedly skipped over to Claire's (popular girly store) for the procedure. Of course Alice was a change and barely winced during the process. And now she is adorned with the prettiest little "diamond" studs.

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nfldrail said...

Your girls are growing up. Hard to imagine our first visits with Alice when she was your petite crevette, and on her first birthday when she was so gentle and tentative with having new toys to play with.
Your children are like a mirror, and their behaviour and success is a reflection of the examples you and Guy set for them every day. You are doing a great job.

Hugs to all,
Paul & Lynn