Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Olympic fever


The Olympics in Sochi have us all geared up to be the next Yuna Kim. Yuna must have practiced just a little to make those jumps, so at ages 5 and 7... it's time for Alice and Estelle to get going!

If we don't make it to the podium, at least they'll get hot chocolate for their efforts


Anonymous said...

Are they practising their "sisters on the podium" hug? I thought with the Desharnais name associated with hockey (at least in Montreal) that they would have sticks in their hand, and try-out papers for the women's hockey team.

Cute pictures, and both Alice and Estelle seem very confident on their skates.

Have a great week.

Lynn & Paul

Anonymous said...

You should have seen Guy and Lucy show off their skills. Guy entertained us with his leg up, his twirling, his speed and his breaking. It was a great day. I was well taken care of during my holiday there. Thanks again.
Mémé Lyse