Monday, February 17, 2014

More Winter...

Winter is still here, as Gran and Grandad have noticed since their return from Mexico... Here are a few recent picutres

The maze that was built in an afternoon.
Estelle and her cousin Olivia eating away at the fortifications.

Alice and her mom showing off their skills on the skating path in St-Sauveur.

Dinner with cousin Sarah from the old country.


Anonymous said...

Alice looks like she is now a very confident skater! And Estelle, well as long as she stays away from the yellow snow then it is always fun to eat some snow and feel it melt in your mouth.
Thanks for the pictures.
Hugs to all,

Sarah said...

Yay I made it onto the blog haha. It was so lovely to see you, hope you are all ok

Lots of Love, Sarah