Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thea Sisters

Alice has always loved books. Although she is getting quite proficient at reading on her own (she zips through several short books a week), she still adores being read to. Lucky girl gets to listen to Estelle's bedtime stories before her own, and will drop almost anything to bound over and listen to a story she's heard 100 times already.

For her bedtime selection, we've been reading the adventures of the Thea Sisters. This is a band of five friends who travel the world and solve mysteries - mousy style! It's a spin-off of another popular kids series: Geronimo Stilton. Anyhow these are lovely chapter books for young readers with just the right mix between pictures, illustrative text and great stories. We read both English and French versions from the library or from the many titles Alice received at Christmas.

(full disclosure - I have not been paid to write about the Thea Sisters books, nor have I received any free books to advertise!)

Alice has drawn her five Thea Sisters friends;
numbered in order of preference (favorite one is Colette)
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Anonymous said...

No matter what else we do for our children, if we give them the gift of the pleasure of reading then they have something that will stay with them their whole lives.

Perhaps Alice's journey of reading started when you read Robert Munsch stories to her when she was still in your womb: yes I do remember.

Have a great weekend and wonderful birthday.

ps In the interests of full disclosure, Lynn and I love reading stories to the children when we visit.

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that the girls love reading and being read to. We loved telling you stories Lucy and entering the world of the imagination. Love G&G

Anonymous said...

I printed the picture and it's on the fridge. Good work Alice and I'm so proud of your reading skills. Luv Mémé