Monday, January 07, 2013

barbie poses

winter activities

rock band

groom the two horses

cooking in the kitchen

going for a ride

in the field

we are married

at the beach

swimming pool

at the movie theatre
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of Barbies, and posed with so much imagination. Did Alice and Estelle engineer this display or did the lack of hockey on TV or other entertainment finally get to Lucy and Guy?
Paul & Lynn

Luguy said...

alice and estelle did all of it!!!!!
even this comment

Anonymous said...

Your children are very wonderful and talented, and as Mémé commented, they have very good parents.
Have a great week!
Paul ;-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our new guest bloggers Alice and Estelle! Maybe one day they will take over and kick us boring parents off!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how creative they can get. Looks like fun!