Friday, December 23, 2011

New House

We did it. We bought a new house. It is in our neighbourhood, located walking distance from school and daycare, 2 parks, skating rink. It backs onto a forest and has manicured greenspace next door. The main attractions are the garage, renovated bathroom and in ground swimming pool. Its pretty much a done deal at this point we'll be moving in sometime in June.

On the left is the park (just green-space with a bridge).

Formal living room with wood fireplace. They didn't want to throw in the Santa painting.

Informal dining room.

Formal dining room.

Kitchen; we need a new fridge and stove.

WOWY WOW WOW: massive bathroom. Walk-in shower with more jets than family members.

Upstairs landing.

Back yard (we know, we know... fence around the pool). There is a forest behind the yard (pretty mature growth). The city is selling an extra 9 meters of land to all the people on the street for pretty cheap, so we will end up with a bigger yard than we have now. There doesn't seem to be any development on the horizon back there and there is a group working to get it protected. There is room inside for visitors so you wont have to pitch a tent when you come.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Everyone must be so excited. Need any help with moving? We are going east in June and planned to stop in for a visit anyway.

It seems almost pointless to add "Have a Wonderful Christmas" as I think you are already there.

Hugs to All,
Love Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Just another thought. Room for a train layout for the girls (and Dad?) in the basement?

:) Paul

Anonymous said...

Ah mon doux. Bravo pour l'équipe Luguy qui inclus Alice et Estelle. C'est une maison de rêves. Félicitations.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful. Congrats on your new home. Does that mean that sometime soon I can book a flight to Montreal? Just say when :). Joyeux Noel.

Anonymous said...


We feel so excited for you all on your new adventure.

The house looks amazing and we can see why you love it. And maybe we will see it next year.

Love from

Anonymous said...

Félicitations pour la nouvelle maison. C'est excitant!

Stéphanie, Daniel et les 3 mousses!