Sunday, December 04, 2011

Burkina Faso

I had my first trip to Africa last week and got to meet some exceptional people and see some amazing sights.

Lake within the city and the permanent smog cloud that hangs over the capital of Ouagadougou. The smog is from the coal and wood fires that the citizens use to make supper.

Cotton field that is right next to the exploration camp.

Typical view of the field. Lion lurking? Not anymore.

I got to hold a gold bar after going through some pretty strict security. The density of gold is 19kg/litre. This means that this little bar weighs about 42 pounds and is equivalent to 10 2 litre milk cartons. So when you see the bank robbers tossing gold bars into a backpack and running off, tell yourself that those actors must be supernaturally strong.

Millet crop.

I didn't get very much tourist time; but my driver stopped at the sacred crocodile pond.


Anonymous said...

Allô Guy,
Je suis contente que tu as pu profiter de ton court voyage en Afrique. C'est magnifique de pouvoir toucher à une culture totallemnt différente. Gros bisous. Mom

Anonymous said...

hi crocodile Dunguy.Glad you are back safe and sound with travel tales for your girls D&W