Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Alice!

After many weeks of anticipation, our baby girl is five years old! It's true, she was singing "j'ai cinq ans et j'suis finissant!" at her daycare graduation. Also last week one of her classmates couldn't understand how Alice had been allowed into kindergarten when she was still 4.

September 15th fell on a Thursday this year, so Alice went to school after a crepe breakfast, got to eat a hot school dinner ("Midi-Bouffe") and had cake and pressies with paté chinois for dinner.

She is very proud to be 5, and it suits her quite well.

"How did Unky G know what the BEST gift for me was???"

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Anonymous said...

Quelle chanceuse d'avoir deux fêtes. Profite-en. Gros bisous. Mémé