Thursday, September 08, 2011

Estelle haircut

Estelle's thin locks were a little raggedy after the summer. We freshened her up with a new bob.

If you, like us, couldn't conceive she could ever be cuter... get ready to be impressed!


Anonymous said...

Really sweet, with a nice big smile! What great personalities both Alice and Estelle have. It really comes through in the photographs.

So - does Lucy now get to add "stylist" to her many other titles?

All our love,
Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Super cute poupou!

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut Estelle - too cute. Can you make my hair look like that Boogs?

Francine said...

Wow Lucy! Tu es très bonne. Je ne touche pas les cheveux de fille moi!

Anonymous said...

Estelle semble avoir coopéré très bien. Bravo Estelle et Lucy. Mémé