Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Alice hit a major milestone today - her first day of REAL school. While the first day was only 1 1/2 hours long, it was a big step for those little wombats who are practically driving their own beat-up Chevy Novas to the corner dep for a bottle of Baby Duck before the Senior Dance... At least we have a few years breathing room before that stress.

Alice was really excited, and totally ready for the big moment. She needing no prompting to join the group and follow her teacher, Ginette, into the inner sanctum - no parents allowed! The parents stood outside counting the minutes until our big kids came out.

Seemed like a pretty chill first day.

Lucy: "What did you do?"
Alice: "Played with dollies and ate an apple"
Man. Alice is gonna love that place!

The post-school reward a hot-dog and french-fry lunch with mum.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alice!

It sounds like Kindergarten will be a walk in the park for a young lady with your skills.

For that matter, "play with dollies, eat an apple" sounds like an average work day in the office!

All the best,

Love Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Well done Lucy and Guy you got through it!!!Alice looks very comfortable in her new role as a schoolgirl! What BIG school bags they all have!! Love G@G XXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

OOoooo! How exciting! Have fun Alice!
Janette & Dave

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So proud of you all (especially Lucy for not crying too hard!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Un moment triste et heureux en même temps.I also think those school bags are way too big. Bonne chance Alice de Mémé et Pépé.
Gros bisous.