Monday, August 29, 2011

First Big Day

Estelle had her first day at Harmonie Soleil today and is was a smashing success!

Here is the little dear sparkling by her locker, she is in the "Abeille" (bee) group with a daycare provider called Sandra. While she did cry a few minutes when we dropped her off, it only lasted 5 minutes or so then she was off to the races - singing, playing, eating, sleeping.

We are all very proud of her, and celebrated her return with confetti cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

Well done Estelle! So glad it went well, Love you all lots, G@G

Simonne et Agathe said...

J'ai eue une pensée pour vous ce matin!!! Grande fille!!! Ce sont de si belles étapes!!! Bonne rentrée et on se voit bientôt!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just adorable!

What a big step forward for both your children this year. You must be so proud.

Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Je vois qu'Estelle porte son gillet à "tack", si ce n'est pas intéressant elle pourra passer son temps à l'attacher et le déttacher. Je vous aime tous. Mémé