Friday, July 29, 2011


After leaving JF & Christine's house in Jonquiere last week, we drive along the north route of the fjord and landed at Tadoussac, famed whale-watching spot. The weather was (mostly) beautiful, and after getting our eyes adjusted to the grey, swirling waters, we were rewarded with several sightings of Minke Whales and fin whales. Alice was somewhat disappointed we didn't the the great blue whale, but our boat guide explained that they are quite shy.

We highly recommend our campsite, le Domaine des Dunes, for its location, privacy, cleanliness and beautiful forest. A real jewel of a private campground.

Alice showing off her Halloween costume plan for the family: Toy Story for everyone!

Uniform add-on coming soon to a Starbuck's near you - the Bodum Hat!

Make like baby belugas!

The tiny fin of the giant Fin Whale

Many warm layers for the boat ride

The famous Toupie lighthouse, which has withstood some incredible storms. One of these broke every single window on the structure, and left the lightkeeper stranded for 3 days.

Don't blow away Estelle

Guy looking discouragingly at the popcorn that wouldn't pop.
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I want a hat just like Estelle. Love Gran xxxxx